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Pala Vega International

At Pala Vega Internacional we have been manufacturing footwear for men and women since 1966, with the utmost dedication and quality, in Almansa, Spain.

We are footwear manufacturers for our own and private brands. Each pair of shoes is a work of art, the result of dedication and love for detail. This meticulous and personalized attention to each brand we collaborate with ensures that each collection we produce not only carries the Luis Gonzalo seal, but also the unique identity and vision of each private label we work for.

Honesty and love for a job well done is our norm, and we transmit it to our workers, suppliers and clients, to, together, make the Luis Gonzalo brand a benchmark in the world of footwear.

IMG_9106 - Luis Gonzalo 1966
manufacturing by hand


Luis Gonzalo shoes for men and women, made in Spain by our artisans, are designed with top quality materials and the most innovative design, without neglecting the personal touch that characterizes all Luis Gonzalo brand shoes.

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